Fidget! The Book

Fidget! is my first work with a major publisher, and it’s spurred a lifelong interest in productivity, efficiency, and creativity. Know your brain and give into distraction, and you can become an even better you. Fidget! is the culmination of a lot of research over the years, as well as exciting and enjoyable “mind hacks” that have been tried and tested by experts. Here’s a little insight into what you’ll find in its pages:

Fidget bookFidget! 101 Ways to Boost Your Creativity and Decrease Your Stress

Busy hands equal a happy brain! Learn how fidgeting can help increase productivity and decrease stress, with 101 ways to tap, jiggle, doodle, and click your way to better concentration and creativity.

Fidget spinners are the latest popular trend, but pen clicking, pencil chewing, and stress-ball slinging have been commonplace for decades. According to recent research, it’s been shown that fidgeting helps you concentrate and prevent stress. If something we are working on isn’t interesting enough to hold our attention, the additional sensory-motor input of fidgeting allows our brains to become fully engaged and focused. In Fidget! you’ll discover 101 ways to help increase your productivity and decrease stress, so you can fully engage at work and achieve calm, creativity, and mindfulness.

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“I plan to utilize some of these tips, including using different fonts for your writing and mixing up ink colors with my notes. Fidget! will help you stay focused no matter how you fidget in your day to day life.” — Katherine at The Nerdy Girl Express

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