Ever wonder why fidget spinners are so unrelentingly popular? They work. They’re distracting and annoying, sure — but they’re also a fantastic productivity booster.

I’m Heather. I created The Fidget Press to help others become more productive, more creative, and more inspired when confronting any task. No one likes sitting at their desk; still fewer enjoy suffering through at-home chores. But with a fidget or two, everything can become easier.

The Fidget Press got its start from one of 2017’s most ubiquitous items: the fidget spinner.

As a nonfiction writer with a background in productivity (and silly life hacks), I have over a decade of experience in researching and writing about the latest workplace tricks and tips. But the office isn’t the only place where efficiency is important–and we could all use a little more creativity and motivation.

Luckily, the great editorial minds at Adams Media (a Simon & Schuster imprint) agreed with me. Inspired by the world’s obsession with the fidget spinner, they asked me to write a new book… about fidget spinners.

In January 2018, Fidget! was published. That book ended up being about so much more than spinning toys. It became an incredibly fun nonfiction book about embracing our connection to distraction, a way to embrace our jitters, our foot tapping, and even our pencil chewing. I loved every minute of writing that book (although I didn’t, at the time, share the love for fidget spinners). As I educated my future readers, I become increasingly more intrigued by the idea of capitalizing on small distractions–or fidgets–and how they could be used for greater productivity.

So, I decided to give in to the fidget spinner.

Instead of researching and learning about the best ways to turn distractions into productivity solely for assignments, I took my new curiosity into my own hands. And that’s when The Fidget Press came to life.

I hope The Fidget Press helps you embrace your distractions. I hope it encourages you to tap, wiggle, bounce–and to think outside the box to become a better employee and a more creative mind.