The Fidget Cube

Favorite Fidget Friday: The Original Fidget Cube

When you think of fidgeting, you likely think immediately of the fidget spinner.

The fidget spinner may have been what captured the world’s attention during all of 2017, but it certainly isn’t the only fidget “toy” available. While fidget spinners have a great value — they’re engaging, the perfect amount of low-level distraction the brain needs during boring tasks, and they’re just plain fun to play with — they can, at times, become more of a harmful distraction than a helpful one.

That’s why I prefer the Fidget Cube.

The Fidget: Play with the Fidget Cube

The Fidget Cube is one of the most ingenious and beneficial fidgeting tools you can have in your arsenal to fight distraction. Also known as the original Fidget Cube, the unusual-looking cube got its start on Kickstarter and quickly blossomed into a successful product. And, unlike the fidget spinner, which I consider an accidental fad, the Fidget Cube crafted by Antsy Labs is designed with focus and fidgeting at its heart.

The Original Fidget Cube

Myriams-Fotos / Pixabay

As explained on the Fidget Cube product site, this cube is much more than a simple toy. It’s “An unusually addicting, high-quality desk toy designed to help you focus.” Every side of the Fidget Cube features a different tool meant for touching, feeling, moving, and more. You can click button, flip little switches, and roll or spin pieces of the cube. Thanks to its small size, the Fidget Cube is also discreet. It’s the perfect size for keeping in the palm of your hand whenever you want to fidget without drawing attention.

Why the Fidget Cube Works

You’ve heard me mention how subtle fidgeting works within the brain both here on The Fidget Press and in my book. But, to reiterate, our brain craves variety. When you’re trying to work on a repetitive task, such as clicking the same keys or reading row after row of data, your brain gets bored and starts trying to send your attention in new, more exciting directions. That’s when you lose focus, productivity, and sometimes even your mind (in a mind-numbing sense, of course!) due to boredom.

When you have a small distraction — something that keeps your brain busy and engaged, something stimulating — you give into distraction and become better focused on the task at hand. The Fidget Cube provides exactly that right balance between stimulation and focus, giving your hands or fingers something to do while you’re working on something, anything else.

How the Fidget Cube Won Me Over

One of the reasons I was drawn to the Fidget Cube initially was the company’s purpose. As stated on the Antsy Labs product page, its creators say: “We believe that the way we look at fidgeting needs to change.”

And I couldn’t agree more. That’s why I’ve spent so much time writing about productivity and fidgeting. I grew up with a brother who suffered from ADD, who struggled to “behave” in classes and was constantly told he needed to focus. But fidgeting is exactly what worked for him, and years later it’s what I find works best for me whether I’m writing freely or stuck in a cubicle with spreadsheets. Honestly, it’s what works for just about everyone, despite the world’s common opinion that, unless you’re sitting perfectly still and perfectly focused, you aren’t engaged or productive.

Fidgeting, or working with distraction rather than against it, shouldn’t be stigmatized and looked down upon. Fidgeting is normal, and we should all embrace it — at work, at home, in classrooms, and with our friends, family, and total strangers.

So that’s why I love the original Fidget Cube. Incredible purpose and a product that really works, providing you and your brain with exactly what you need to focus by giving in to distraction as needed.

Have you used the Fidget Cube? Let me know — and share your thoughts below!

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