Is Tuesday Really The Most Productive Day of The Week?

Monday sucks. Wednesday is the halfway mark, the tipping point towards the weekend. Thursday is really just Friday eve.

And Tuesday, according to productivity writers and researchers, is the most productive day. It’s the busiest and the most successful work day week after week.

But is Tuesday really the most productive day of the week?

Years ago, I worked with a coworker who adamantly believed that Tuesday was the worst day of the entire week. I heard her argue week after week on Tuesday’s behalf, constantly trying to convince the rest of us to hate Tuesday too. According to her, Tuesday was worse because:

  • You’re groggy and sleepy enough on Mondays to slog through the day without really realizing how painful work is
  • By Tuesday morning, you’ve realized you have a full 4 days ahead of you before the weekend
  • Your boss will notice if you slack off on Tuesday, meaning you feel more pressure

But experts disagree. Back in 2014, Lifehacker reported that Tuesday was the single most productive day of the week. It’s the day we try our hardest to get shit done, the sole day we aren’t distracted by the weekend looming ahead. Do a quick search for “most productive day” and you’ll find even more experts expounding the wonders of working on Tuesday.


Actual photo of me on any given Tuesday. Credit: skeeze / Pixabay

If you’re anything like me, you probably aren’t very productive on Tuesday. I barely feel back in the swing of the week by Tuesday — I’m still sleep deprived, grumpy about working, and very much in need of wine. So how can you actually make Tuesday a little better and a lot more productive?

How to Work Through The Tuesday Terrors

I know the Tuesday Terrors aren’t really a thing. Yet Tuesday is always one of my least productive days of the week. It’s the day I’m most likely to fake sick, the day I stare at my screen blankly waiting for inspiration to strike, the day I often refuse to even cook dinner.

The trick to actually making Tuesday your most productive day is to set yourself up for success on Monday. I like to leave myself a long list of tasks that need to be accomplished on Tuesday. The more articles I have to write, the more meetings I have scheduled, and the more time slots filled on my Google Calendar, the faster the day goes. I can get lost in small assignments or tasks rather than staring at the clock. The more items I cross off my to-do list, the faster the day goes by. Don’t get everything done? That’s okay — you can tackle it on Wednesday, making two days go by even faster.

I’ve been putting this into practice lately, and Tuesday is slowly becoming a less dreadful day. It’s no miracle cure for slogging through a Tuesday afternoon, but it gives me a little more of a pep. And it certainly helps to make it all the way to 2PM on a Tuesday without blinking an eye!

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