Favorite Fidget Friday: Why I Love My Standing Desk

The weekend is near — which means if you’re like me, you’re EXTRA fidgety today. I always struggle to pay attention to my workload when the clock is counting down the hours until Friday happy hour.

On Friday, we need a big productivity boost to get through the day. That’s why I’m sharing my favorite fidgets each week: to motivate you to get a little more accomplished, to help you find the focus you need.

The Fidget: Use a Standing Desk

Standing is a fantastic way to give yourself a little productivity boost. It gets your blood flowing, gives you a visual break, and literally changes your perspective. I’m always the first to jump out of my chair and stroll around the house while taking phone calls. Unfortunately, it isn’t always convenient to take a lap around your office when you feel distracted.

That’s why one of my newest favorite fidgets is using a standing desk. You can raise your work surface to any height and stand up for a few minutes. Stand when you’re bored, when you can’t focus, or when you’re really struggling with something. I like to use mine to bookend my long sitting spells — I stand for the first  and last 1.5 hours at work, and any time I’m stuck on something tricky.

Don’t have a standing desk? Just stand up! You can take a walk, stand up for a few seconds and sit back down, or move your task to somewhere you can stand (I use my bar top when working at home).

Why Standing Desks Won Me Over

Don’t get me wrong: I was avid standing desk hater.

When I saw the first online articles and TV commercials promoting the incredible health benefits of standing desks, I scoffed. I rolled my eyes. I mocked their stupid design (seriously, who wants an ugly black contraption on their desk that will probably make your computer fall when you actually try to lift it?). I even made merciless fun of my brother, who campaigned his company’s HR department until they provided him with a standing desk.

Then I began working in an office that provided every employee with a standing desk. I decided to try it one Friday, feeling weird and ridiculous as I raised my desk with a push of a button. But after working on my feet, I was convinced. I immediately incorporated it into my daily routine.

Standing Desk In-Office

My own standing desk setup at work (I clearly love my Hydroflasks!)

Standing while working really changed my productivity. I decided to stand up while writing my book, Fidget!, instead of sitting at a desk for 8+ hours of writing a day. And the changes were immediate: I worked faster. I edited my work more clearly. Oh, and my back LOVED the change.

Why I Love This Form of Fidgeting

After enjoying an electric standing desk in my office, I was a convert. I’m such a standing desk believer that I now have one at home — one that’s mounted into a wall so I can fold it open, set my laptop down, and get to writing. And I have to say, I’ve never worked more efficiently. It keeps me from staring mindlessly at the TV. It makes me just the right amount of uncomfortable, encouraging me to work quickly if I want to sit down.

A standing desk gives you the exact balance your brain needs to spur productivity, engagement with your work, and the good kind of distraction. When I raise my desk and switch from sitting to standing, I feel reenergized. Suddenly, I’m looking at what’s before me in a different way and I’m able to reassess (Was my tired brain just typing random nonsense? Is this sentence even good?).

Give standing up a try! It’s certain to change your scenery, and it can give you the encouragement (and distraction) you need to finish out the dull task you’re suffering through.

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